I Do Fence Lines

I love the cows.  I love them in their paddock with all the plentiful grass and legumes.  I’m okay if they wish to nibble under the fence to see if it tastes better.  They love keeping to their paddock and nibbling.  If they push that fence, however, I’m not okay.  I want them to stay in their rectangle until the next move feeling happy and full.  To help this happiness, I try to support Brent keeping the fence line clean.  We want it free of tall grass and other things that lower the zap.  So I rock-and-roll with my lovely rock-and-roll machine.  When Zélie goes down for nap, I try to get out there and cut down any blackberries or brush that is confusing our cows.  Cutting blackberries down to a miserable nub is more satisfying than I could possibly describe.  Our life in Seattle was wrought with many blackberries.  Now that I have a special blackberry-be-gone tool, I can’t express my empowerment in words (maybe a video would do).  We will have neat and tidy fence lines.  Our zap will be strong enough to keep on keeping-on.  You will go down blackberries along with your spikey friends.  Cows will have nothing but lush grass and grass buddies to eat.

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