Gremlin Has Found Out His Special Purpose

( photo by Mr. Curtis )

Our bull is in with the herd.  He’s a very calm, chill bull that we’ve raised since he was born on the farm.  When he popped out, it was very clear that he was a boy.  He was a huge, black calf and looked the bulliest of all the bull calves.  His name is Gremlin.  At the time of naming, we weren’t sure if we would use him for a bull.  It was a ‘g’ year and we had to come up with something. Gremlin is very sweet.  When he was chilling in the pens, I would feed him a little fresh alfalfa by hand each night.  He’s never been anything but a gentleman.  I’m not superstitious, but I think all future bull calf names will be something along the lines of “Gentle Fertile Guy” or “Sir Humps-a-Lot.”  Most of them will end up steers.  Just in case, I like the idea of “Huggie Bear” as a bull instead of “Sid Vicious.”

( photo by Mr. Curtis )

Gremlin munched alongside his mum until we pulled him out to wean and await his special purpose.  Now he’s old enough and the breeding season is on, he’s out with the ladies.  He just wants to do something special for all the ladies of the herd.  Is that possible?  He seems right at home back with the daily moves and in fresh pasture.  I’ve caught him many times articulating his special purpose, so I think he’s into his work.  He don’t care if they’re squatty or they’re fluffy or they’re small.  He just wants to do something special for them all.

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3 thoughts on “Gremlin Has Found Out His Special Purpose

  1. Glad on said:

    So sweet that you have known him since he was born. What a handsome young bull.

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