WOW! What A Screw.

For our low stress livestock handling, we installed a barrier or three.  To do this, we needed special magic screws.  Okay, bolts.  Okay “expansion bolts.”  Wow are those bolts magic.  They’re not very long ( though I never judge a screw by its length ), but they are super strong.


You drill a hole.


You hammer in M. Magic Bolt.


You screw on the little nutty thing and rewind, thus expanding its magic, super powers.

But will this hold a super, duper heavy heifer?  Will it hold a cow?

The answer is “yes!”  We’ve had a young bull in our bolty pen surrounded by horny heifers.  The bolts held strong.

We’ve had young calves pulled aside for a quick tag, while mum was bellowing on the other side.  And the bolts held.  I’m quite fond of this bolt.  I hope I find other uses.  Perhaps an over engineered chicken coop.

There’s nothing finer than getting your crappy cow pen working more efficiently.  These dreamy bolts let us slap barriers up like nobodies bidness.

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