Pimp Yo’ Tractor


Song select.


Caught on camera


Grooving to the fresh, fancy beats of … Heart.

No, I’m sure it’s more machier than that. Probably Macho Madness done in the DubStep key of Sub-D. Judging by the groove, there’s no way I possess the testosterone to audibly partake.

But I will give you this: earbuds suck. If you find yourself in a tractor preparing the earth for grassy goodness utilized and returned by bovine beauty, you need a damn fine pair of headphones. Though he denies ordering the “street beats bass boost” option, it doesn’t take a pretty penny to improve your tractor hours listening to podcasts with the occasional random BBC DJ show. Minty went out discing today, so we’ll have to wait for the review of how these babies perform under bumping, bouncing tractor conditions.

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5 thoughts on “Pimp Yo’ Tractor

  1. Mike W on said:

    ♫ Take a tractor
    Cross the Meadow
    Discing in Old Gascony ♬

  2. Brent sure does look happy, must be another song by Bread, he seems to gravitate toward the old school stuff:)

  3. In the photo I was hamming it up to Heart but on the tractor the most listened to music would be Huey Morgan’s BBC radio shows: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01n9zz2

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