A Little non-Bovine Action


Brent did a little disc action on the veggie patch so I can plant the garlic and their bulbous friends.

I’m going to make it happen. Garlic, shallots and onions are staples here on the farm.


But first, Z picked this pumpkin. We had a little pumpkin Clearwater Revival with all the lovely rain. The pumpkin patch sprouted all these baby pumpkins that will ultimately fuel the slugs.


The compost pile has also responded to the rain asserting its dominance as the “Demi Lovato” of veggie patch panel judges. Great foliage, one pumpkin.


Little Ms. Hen is taking her chicks around the courtyard for some good scratch-n-peck vittles.


GrayCute has convinced the mice and rodents that the warm, Gascon house they usually enjoy as a winter retreat is nothing compared to the warm belly they see before them.


Tosca looks like this between meals.


Brent turned up the potatoes overlooked during harvest. He also skillfully disced one potato on each end. A couple more passes and we will be all set for tartiflette.

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